The irony of the non-precision approach

Why oh why does the non-precision approach bear such a name? I understand the theory, but when it comes to flying this stepdown-ridden path of specific altitudes, headings, and minimum decision altitudes, there is more precision than the name suggests. So much precision, that if you are off course at 900 feet AGL you must declare a failed approach!

The safety in these low visibility situations is incredible and the technology behind it blows me away. How lucky we are to be a part of an age where we can literally fly anywhere in the world, in all sorts of weather conditions, with confidence and accuracy. When it comes to IFR training, the Cirrus team really nailed it when it comes to flight planning, safety and thinking about 5 steps ahead. One of the biggest benefits of the multi-function display is having your IFR plates right there in front of you! Also, Cirrus technology puts your plane right there on the plate. This is especially helpful when you are put in a hold. I could go on all day but right now it is time to fly! John and I are jumping in 315AR to head to Pueblo. We will conquer precision approaches, holds and radio communications. Yes!


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