Day 4 of training and a big THANK YOU!

What an amazing few days it has been!


4 thoughts on “Day 4 of training and a big THANK YOU!

  1. Hearing of your exploits has me enthused about learning again.At 60yrs old my flying is now at the Sport Pilot level (heart stents) so the instrument rating will never happen. However, to read about your training has prompted me to bone up on the skills that you are now perfecting. Love your enthusiasm and wish you all the best as I read of your progress. Just found your blog and have signed up for your email alerts. Looking forward to them! Blue skies! Greg Reihing, Rossford, Ohio

  2. Great Job Amelia….I know it’s cliche but, YOU GO GIRL….your work on 9 news, flying AND school….keep up the good work….we’re all rooting for you…..

    • I’ll take the chiche! Thank you for the kind note… I am loving every minute of the training and believe it or not, it actually makes things easier when I fly. When I do what I love, everything comes easier. Thank you for reading the blog!

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