This Aviatrix must do laundry at some point…


2 thoughts on “This Aviatrix must do laundry at some point…

  1. You are an amazing person! I believe that now more since we have met. Jackie and I are rooting for you and will be tuning in as you complete your dream of flying around the world. You will have to take us up one day.

  2. Can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. In a way I’m living my own experience through you. Or maybe what I had hoped my experience would be. It’s so wonderful to find an instructor we can really relate to and such a blow when they have to move on. Happy and sad at the same time. It sounds as if you no longer need an instructor. But if you do…. Kelly Jo Kessler. She came along at a time that I was running into problems with my instructor and KJ gave me confidence in myself again. I had only about 20 hours and she let me try a really stiff crosswind landing that my other instructor would never have allowed. And I did pretty darn well if I do say so myself. When we finished, she said, “You’ve been taught well. I don’t know why she hasn’t let you solo.” She can take you all the way through instructor and transport pilot rated. And if your off air personality is anything like your on air, you guys would fit like gloves.

    I’ll go back someday when life and finances allow it again. I’ll go back to KJ and be inspired by you both.


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