Landing in low visibility? There’s an app for that…

The iPad provides so much info during IFR flights and Jeppessen nailed it with the charts app.

What I am quickly learning is that obtaining my private pilot’s licence was all about looking at what is going on outside of the plane and instrument flying is all about paying attention to what is going on inside the plane and trusting the controllers. Sounds simple enough, right?

“Cirrus 5 Alpha Romeo, fly heading 140” “Cirrus 5 Alpha Romeo, remain at or below 8, 500, maintain current heading” These instructions are clearances from Approach Control that will safely guide you to your destination, get you into the hold or lead you towards your final path towards the runway. What controllers don’t tell you, is what to do once you begin your descent towards your final landing on the runway. Kind of important, right?

The thing about the Cirrus design that constantly amazes me is the is thought that went into planning all your moves several steps ahead. The primary flight display provides a virtual look outside, engine info, distance from your destination and more; while the multi-function display (the screen on the right) can house priceless information that takes us away from paper charts and plates, while providing an entirely new level of organization.

Most of the time I fly in a Cirrus that has the Jeppessen charts built-in to the MFD, which also includes IFR plates where the plane is actually appears as a moving display on the page! It is so amazing! There are frequencies, altitudes, procedures, airport information, EVERYTHING.

Of course, you can opt to not purchase the Jeppesen plates for the aircraft, for a multitude of reasons. The plane that we flew to Pagosa Springs on Sunday was an SR-22 that did not have plates. The plane had Jeppessen charts, terrain avoidance, and was an all around AWESOME ride, but we still needed all the info for our ILS approaches. Luckily, John brought his iPad and showed me how to access plates.

More info on the iPad app for Jeppessen here:

As you can see by the photo… I was quite excited to learn. What a priceless tool.

Independence Aviation has a lot of info about flying with an iPad. The link to the IA page is on the left side of this page.


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