What the GoPro Hero Cam saw…

Today John and I ventured to Sidney, Nebraska… No, not to go to Cabellas but rather to complete another 3 hours of cross country time in the Cirrus SR-20. I hand flew GPS and ILS approaches and we had a chance to play with the GoPro Camera while the auto pilot carried us across cornfields and windmills. Here is video of our landing at Sidney, shot from the dash with the GoPro Hero (www.gopro.com). I have a feeling this camera is going to be mounted in all sorts of places in the plane. Next I’d like to place it mid cockpit, above our heads so the view of the entire plane will show up on the fish eye lens. What do you think? Should I continue to film take offs and landings?


11 thoughts on “What the GoPro Hero Cam saw…

  1. That was a fun GO-PRO Hero-Cam – pilot view of the landing, a lot cooler than Google Earth flight simulator that I am used too! 🙂 -Keep up the good work!

  2. My vote would be for an over-the -shoulder view to allow viewing of the panel in the Cirrus too. The current view is somewhat plain but would be interesting at an airport with more traffic or activity. But,Hey! It’s aviation so it’s all good!

  3. Nice job. My wife’s uncle is a pilot, and is working on his instrument certification too. When I have flown with him, he has had nice landings, just like you did. Keep it up.

  4. It was really neat to see the video from the camera showing your view. Look forward to more camera views in the future.

  5. I know that when I am taking a road trip across the country I need to stretch my legs and walk around a bit after 3 or 4 hours. What do you do when you are up in the air?

  6. Absolutely, yes! Maybe a montage of takeoff, landing, cross country footage, with your music playlist. I’d watch regardless, to be honest.

  7. What a great idea with the GoPro Hero! Loving photography and video as much as I do this camera does a great job of capturing the images just as they are.

    What about shooting…
    Over the shoulder
    Point of View
    Pointed At Pilots From Dash

    Thanks for taking us with you on this journey!

    – James H.

  8. Yes keep the camera. I’m sitting here listening to your blog and watching you flying and to quote your mom “I have happy tears in my eyes” it is very thrilling to be sitting in your shoes and watching this now with all the wonderful technology that is available. Hope you do this for your trip to Florida – I’m sure we will all be watching you.

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