When 5 hours feels like 5 minutes…

…you know you are in the right place. John and I flew to Santa Fe on Saturday morning and the 5 hour fight was so productive, so enjoyable, so smooth that it literally was over before I knew it. The song “Good Life” by One Republic was how I kicked off the flight and the lyrics really resonated with me during our trip. There is one line in particular that makes me smile… “When you are happy like a fool, let it take you over. When everything is out, you gotta take it in”. Yes.

A lot of times when I am on my way to the airport, I like to call my parents. Saturday morning my Mom told me that she had happy tears in her eyes when she thought about the things I am accomplishing in the airplane. She told me she could feel my “joy rising”. What a perfect way to describe the emotions I feel when taking flight.

We mounted the Go Pro cam on the ceiling of the plane and this gave a whole new perspective on what a take off and landing feels like.


5 thoughts on “When 5 hours feels like 5 minutes…

  1. I have been wanting to finish my flight lessons for a long time. I never had a greased landing like that! GREAT job!
    Be safe in your travels and have a fun time from Cali to Flo!

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