Hey soul sister… I’ve got to fly with this woman!

It is not everyday that I come across another truly inspired aviatrix. Let alone, another woman who truly encompasses what it means to be the modern day female pilot. In my mind, this woman is confident, driven, well spoken, feminine and exudes a love of adventure that cannot be tamed.

Today I had a great conversation with Chelsea “Abingdon” Welch of The Abingdon Company. She is a pilot (a Cirrus pilot too, might I add) and watch designer, who wanted a E6B watch that was functional, yet feminine. During our 10 minute phone conversation, we geeked out on airplanes (specifically the 08′ SR22T Cirrus) and chatted about what it is like to be a modern woman involved in aviation. Chelsea ended our conversation by saying, “I feel like I am talking to the Colorado version of myself, a stylish, smart woman who just happens to be a Cirrus pilot”. That’s when I knew we would be friends… Check out her watches here: http://theabingdonco.com

Chelsea designed a watch called “The Amelia”. Um… how cool is that? Not only does it have an awesomely inspiring name, it is also a beautiful, yet practical watch.

There is something so empowering about watching other women attain their goals, gracefully, with style and with a knowledge of exactly who they are.

Chelsea and I plan on meeting up in Burbank, CA during my Oakland to Miami trip.


7 thoughts on “Hey soul sister… I’ve got to fly with this woman!

    • Thank you Lauren! It is great seeing women that have stepped out of the box and done something different, right? Chelsea Abingdon is one of those women! Keep in touch and keep me posted on your flying!

  1. You inspire me with your passion for your goals, both the flight and the Meteorologist goal. I am 63 and this is refreshing to see someone with such inspiring attitude. You will indeed be a great role model for other women and men. Keep up the good work and good luck and God speed.
    I will be folllowing you next month as you achieve this North American leg of the flight.

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