Recreating an iconic image, honoring Amelia

My home is filled with books about Amelia Earhart, aviation related tokens and artwork… but there is one thing in particular that has been a source of constant inspiration to me as a pilot, a woman and as an adventurer.

A large print of this photo hangs in my home, I see it as I come and go, as I daydream of flights to far away places. This is a photo of Amelia Earhart that was taken over Oakland, CA in 1937 during her flight to Honolulu. It is my goal to recreate this photo in the Cirrus.

This has to be possible, right? Of course, anything is possible! I can just imagine the clean, smooth lines of the Cirrus flying level over the water and the bridges… it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

How will I pull this off? I have a few ideas but I also need your help. Do you know of any aerial photographers, helicopter pilots, airplane pilots, enthusiasts in Oakland, CA that would be able to help me out? It would mean so much to me if you could pass the blog on and perhaps help me recreate this gorgeous image.



17 thoughts on “Recreating an iconic image, honoring Amelia

  1. Amelia
    What a great goal — I hope a photographer comes about ,
    How soon are you going to do this — I want a print or a picture
    Of this flight.

  2. This post sparked emotion inside me. As a father, one desire I have is to do something to inspire my children to do something meaningful; to them. For you to have this picture of a relative as a source of inspiration is one thing, but to have a goal of recreating it as you aspire to fulfill similar goals…I felt a lump in my throat & tears in my eyes. I feel you. I hope I am able to do something…leave a mark in some way….that will put a fire in those who follow me.
    Mitch Ellis

  3. Hello,

    A friend of mine on an aviation forum contacted me privately about your request. My name is Kimberly, and I fly near the Oakland Bay Bridge, out of a nearby airport. I just got my private pilot cert, and may be able to point you in the right direction regarding photographers etc. How can I get in touch with you?

  4. Whenever I see these guys fly over SF I kick myself for not booking a flight with them yet.

    They might be handy as I’m sure they are pilots as well as enthusiasts if they are flying such a great-looking seaplane. Also I think it is possible to hang out of that type of aircraft on the floats while in-flight, which would be great for aerial photography?

  5. hey amelia, I do know an aerial photographer who takes pictures of the valley from the air and I myself have done the bay tour plenty of times, but if i am unable to do the flight, i do know a flying club and plenty of pilots at the club who know how to do a bay tour and can accomplish your goal. The best flying club I can think of is Squadron 2 out of Reidhill view Airport. They are located just southeast of San Jose airport. They also have an operation which does aerial flying all over the US for google I believe, so they themselves may know an aerial photographer. The only down side is that during this time of season it will be hard to get this picture because a lot of times the Bay area is fogged in and it is too dangerous to do a Bay tour. If you need more information please feel free to contact me on facebook or e-mail or this blog.



  6. I have a Super Decathlon based at OAK. If you want I can get a photographer and use my plane as the camera plane. Getting that shot shouldn’t be a problem, it’s under class B and OAKs class C.

  7. That’s a fantastic idea! I’m an aviation photographer and private pilot and would love to help out. The shot itself is not that complicated, and working with NorCal would be a breeze. Take off on a Bay Tour as a flight of two. Tell them well in advance you’d like to do a photoshoot south of the Bay Bridge, and you should be able to nail it in two passes. Key things to watch out for is that the SF Giants are not playing a game (that would create a TFR around the stadium that would make getting that angle difficult. The other and what I feel most important is to fly with people who are formation qualified. Having an experienced formation pilot in your cockpit as well as flying the photoship is essential. Just my $0.02. Feel free to contact me if ya have any questions.

  8. That’s an excellent point Sagar, I’ve heard too many horror stories of photo flights and impromptu formation flights with pilots who haven’t had formation training.

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