When you can’t change your environment, change your perspective…

It is pretty easy to spot a pilot outside of the airport… Here’s how it works: If an airplane is passing above, you will find this person with their head craned all the way back, with wide, excited eyes (even though they are staring into the sun), mouth open like a five year old, trying to identify what kind of plane they are looking at. It does not matter if they are in the middle of a crowd, on a sidewalk, or in the middle of a conversation, the same stance will be taken. They will then look around to see if anyone else sees what they are seeing, often verbally (and incorrectly) stating what kind of plane that is and possibly at what altitude they are flying. When no one else cares… they throw their head back again to continue looking at said plane. If you have never done this, you should probably stop reading now…

So there I was, minding my own business, walking down the sidewalk for a meeting at Racine’s and BOOM! There it was… the most beautifully defined, straight-as-an-arrow contrail, suspended in the vivid, cornflower blue, Colorado sky.

*Enact pilot stance*

My head flew back, my mouth fell open, and I looked around to get acknowledgement from the pretty business woman who was also on her way to Racine’s (she instantly shot me the get-a-life-you-nerd-look), so I smiled at her and looked back up to the sky. As my eyes trailed down the distinct line of condensed water vapor, I saw that this line *perfectly* connected with the light pole at the corner of 7th and Sherman. This view was a gift… I was literally the only person on the face on this planet (out of 6,975,774,824 people as of 12:18) that was witnessing this nugget of beauty. I had to take a picture! I reached into my bag and grabbed my trusty iPhone.

I must have taken a step to the left because when I looked at the contrail and the light pole… they no longer aligned. The magic was gone. There was nothing special about these parallel lines, in fact, they were ordinary.

What did I do? I stepped back to where the magic happened… I changed my view to see what I wanted to see. It was much easier to be the one to make the shift than to try and realign the flight path of the plane, the cemented to the ground light pole and the atmosphere, for that matter. One simple step and I was again enthralled by this rare sight.

Moral of the story… I think all you smarties know where I am going with this…

Small shifts in YOUR perspective make all the difference. YOU are the only one in control of what you choose to see. Align your eyes with what inspires YOU.

And to the pilot of that plane who I will never meet, *thank you* for rocketing over my head this morning… I enjoyed it thoroughly.


7 thoughts on “When you can’t change your environment, change your perspective…

  1. I suffer with this problem all the time.Quite annoying to those who are trying to get my un-divided attention.I cant help it…its just second nature to me now..although I never knew I was doing it until my wife said to me…Why is it every time I want to discuss things you look into the sky? God wont help you this time! LMAO

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