Here’s to the ones who live each day like it counts (because it absolutely does!)

For the next month I want to share ideas, people and concepts that INSPIRE! Each day until the Oakland-Miami trip, we are going to talk about people who are inspirational, achieving their biggest goals, reaching dreams and living each day like it counts. Here is video #1…

Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes can be found here!

Here’s what Pilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief of Experience Life Magazine says about Brian:

“PhilosophersNotes are like healthy, energizing snacks for the mind, heart and soul! This is such a superb idea, and Brian has such a natural, infectiously appealing way of making it relevant to just about everybody. For avid personal-development aficionados, PhilosophersNotes serve as a sampler plate of the very best reads out there, making it easier to decide which new books to crack open next, and which classics deserve a fresh look.

For rush-rush types who want to be clued in about the latest and best books on personal and professional wisdom (but who don’t have time to read much) PhilosophersNotes perform an invaluable service, distilling and concentrating a whole lot of huge ideas into bite size, eminently digestible morsels.

For readers like ours — motivated men and women who rank achieving their personal potential as a top priority — PhilosophersNotes point a delightful, synchronicity-inspired way forward.

Because somehow (and I wish I knew how Brian does this), every Note you read on a given day feels like precisely the Note you needed to read that day. Keep ‘em coming, Brian!”

One more thing… this is what has recently been brining a smile to my day! It is a route around the world, broken down into approximately 800 nautical mile legs. I am not saying it is perfect, but it is possible!

Go make today count!


7 thoughts on “Here’s to the ones who live each day like it counts (because it absolutely does!)

  1. Hi Amelia… just wanted to let you know your words truly ARE inspiring!

    My favorite post to-date had to be the one about facing your fears and getting “real” about your cross-country plan. I fully realize that it took a lot of courage to be vulnerable and admit that you were (at least a little) scared to a bunch of relative strangers who happen to be following your blog.

    I’m proud of you – and inspired! I’m going to grab the great bully by the beard!

    • Thank you Rick! That was an important one to write, and also very scary. I very much appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Your note put a huge smile on my face and truly reminded me why I am doing all of this! Thank you!


  2. I’m already enjoying your focus to inspire through the Blog and of course your actions!
    Love that you mentioned the awesome wave cloud. Some day you should do a story on the pilots surfing it, and better yet, you should come and jump in and surf it with me.
    June and I had a great time at the WOR Gala, so inspiring in many ways. You were great.
    Thought you mite enjoy the following.

    It’s not about the amount of days in your life.
    It’s about the amount of life in your days.


  3. Flight following right along, Ameilia!

    My husband and I fly a Piper Malibu from Colorado to Page, Arizona and Wickenburg, Arizona every two weeks. We have work in nearby Lake Powell and a second home in Wickenburg.

    I started out learning to fly several years ago but stopped because I became too intimidated. I am back in the flying saddle again, though. Your blog is inspiring!

    I have been easing back into the pilots seat via an awesome simulator at the new Lake Powell Jet Center! Come visit us down here! It’s spectacular flying!!

    Keep up the great work! I will be following your Trans American journey!

    Safe Travels,
    Nancy Theken

  4. I have a plaque in my house that says ” Do one thing every day that scares you” . I try to live up to this every day. My last quest- sky diving . Next , I don’t know yet , but it will be exciting. Live , Love , and Laugh every day !

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