The adventure of your lifetime awaits YOUR permission to begin!

“Remember the high board at the swimming pool? After days of looking up at it you finally climbed the wet steps to the platform. From there, it was higher than ever. There were only two ways down: the steps to defeat of the dive to victory. You stood on the edge, shivering in the hot sun, deathly afraid. At last you leaned too far forward, it was too late for retreat, and you dived. The high board was conquered, and you spent the rest of the day diving. Climbing a thousand high boards, we demolish fear, and turn into human beings. ”
Richard Bach A Gift of Wings

How would you define adventure? Some would put activities like jumping out of airplanes, climbing Mt. Everest, and wrangling wild mustangs in the adventure category. Some would say that taking a different route to work or switching to a different brand of bottled water is adventure enough for their tastes. That is the point. Adventure is yours to define, gage on  your energy level, and even change, day-to-day! I would be willing to bet, however, that when you finally embark on your adventurous path that you will soon be spilling over with copious amounts of energy you never knew you had!

I used to think that to be an adventurer you had to be freezing cold, using pack animals, or living in solitude, all while writing musings on life in a leather-bound journal (I have since discovered that all Apple products do quite well on the adventurous journeys… haha). I have since grown out of that mindset and now understand that adventure is a wonderful state of mind. If you envision yourself as an adventurer, you will carry yourself a little differently than you have in the past. You will hold your head a little higher, wear a smirk that has the rest of the world wondering what you had for breakfast and where they can get some for themselves!

On some days, my adventures will include flying the Cirrus to beautiful, exotic destinations, but other days my adventures may simply include fostering the courage to make an important but difficult phone call, or making my mind up over a tough decision. Adventure means taking a stance, deciding to act, making a change. 

I was recently pointed in the direction of Lane Wallace’s blog entitled “No Map, No Guide, No Limits”. This woman is incredible and this excerpt from her webpage really got me thinking:

“Adventure is starting a new business, adjusting to unexpected life changes, or surviving uncertainty in a challenging circumstances and times. Adventure is what I do whenever I try to explore a complex topic from a new and different angle, or explore life through someone else’s eyes. In short, adventure is embracing change, learning, and new ways of looking at or experiencing the world.

So choosing an adventurous path in life means cultivating the heart and soul of an explorer on a lifelong quest for meaning, learning, and joy. Even if that means finding your own way, creating an unusual career or life track, or learning to rely on yourself for your security.”

Each day has true potential for adventure and you may not even need to leave your house to find it. Like I have mused on before, it is all about perspective when it comes to creating the life you want. How fun is that?!?!


3 thoughts on “The adventure of your lifetime awaits YOUR permission to begin!

  1. Amelia,

    I want to help! How I can in the best way, I’m not sure… But I am located closest to KPHF. I am an SIC for a King Air 350 and a Merlin IIIB. I also have private access to N131AM, Cirrus SR22 (not turbo). I am 24 right now, and I have always wanted to fly across the country, and especiallly around the world… lets talk!

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