Body over mind, upper-limiting and your “Crazy, Sexy Life”… It’s a hodgepodge of health!

“Inward calm cannot be maintained unless physical strength is constantly and intelligently replenished.” The Buddha

We have all been here… tea, water, & half-eaten soup on the nightstand, crinkled bed sheets from tossing and turning all night, movies strewn about near the DVD player, laptop and Facebook at the ready (with recent status updates about your ill-fated condition… doesn’t it feel nice when the world cares that you have the flu?). This nasty bug can throw even the most brazen adventurer of their course.

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. Ovid

Just two days ago I was all smiles, riding the 9News Parade of Lights float, reporting in a blizzard, and doing cartwheels in the snow… now I can barely lift my tea to my mouth. When we feel like a cartoon that has been thrown against a wall *splat*, only to slide down onto the floor in a pile of our former selves… this can come as a surprise! (We all have the friends who say things like, “I never get sick!”) However, it is no surprise that most of us try to fight these feelings of exhaustion by continuing on as though we are fully charged at 100%.  As adventurers, we see ourselves as able to overcome any circumstance. There is always an answer, a cure, a solution to overcome the issue and move on to the next step. Illness, major or minor, may be the exception to the rule. Rather than fight it, I say embrace the process and let yourself have a break to rejuvenate, rest, and recharge (I speak of minor setbacks here, temporary discomforts… serious illness is a whole other situation). Yes, it can frustrate us and make us feel weak, but there is such beauty in listening to what our bodies are telling us! When you are hungry, you eat, when you are thirsty, you drink. So why is it that when we feel sick, we keep going, downing temporary stimulants to suppress the fact that we just need to sleep and let our body get back to equilibrium?

The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.  ~Author Unknown

What does it take for an airplane to fly? Fuel, oil, and air, essentially. When your body begins to scream to you that it needs any one of these, literally or figuratively, you better listen. The rest of your goals, your actions and interactions will suffer when these crucial and imperative components are deprived.

To be “on edge,” you are literally not centered – not being in your spiritual center. Carrie Latet

I have found that what works for me is to FEEL IT. I have never been one to hide my emotions, weather elation or sadness. The decision to actually feel the joy of health or the discomfort of illness has let me set my mind straight about the undulations of my body and how they parallel the difficulties in the adventure itself. An illness is much like a frustrating setback, an unexpected cost, a delay, an ugly variable that is out of your control. Perspective and a little trust in the beauty of the waiting for the solution to appear will go a long way.

Want a little inspiration? That’s what I thought…

Kris Carr is a gorgeous-inside-and-out woman who embodies the idea of rejuvenation, all around health and glowing energy. Visit her blog at for a look at her positive attitude and outlook on a situation we all hope to never encounter. She is a proponent of listening to your body, being proactive with health and living a truly rockin’ and aware life.

Ever consider that your illness or lack of energy may be self-induced? I consider the following article to be a game changer when it comes to viewing self-sabotaging actions in the face of big-time life changes. Marie Forelo, contributor to Crazy Sexy Life, wrote the post entitled, Do you have an “Upper-Limit” Problem? where she discusses concepts within Gay Hendrick’s incredible book, “The Big Leap.” Key concept from the article:

“Any time you’re in the midst of busting through your own upper limits, it’s bound to be a little scary and uncomfortable. You may want to pull back and contract.

Don’t. Hang with the discomfort. It’s a good sign.

It means you’ve just increased your capacity to experience wealth, happiness and love — both for yourself and for us all.”

I also urge you to check out the book that inspired this awesome article! Here is a delightful excerpt from The Big Leap:

Am I willing to feel good and have my life go well all the time? At first glance, you might ask who wouldn’t say yes to all of these questions. Well, for many of us, the idea of all of this positive emotion seems far-fetched to begin with. It is easy for us to just assume that with the positive comes the negative. To that I say, ‘Why not get willing, and see what happens?’ We humans have a long and wonderful history of transcending our beliefs about what’s possible. In the early days of the steam-powered train, learned scientists urged capping the speed at thirty miles per hour because they believed that the human body exploded at speeds greater than that. Finally some brave people risked going beyond that limiting belief and found that they did not explode. I think we’re approximately at that same stage of development with regard to our ability to feel good and have our lives go well. 


2 thoughts on “Body over mind, upper-limiting and your “Crazy, Sexy Life”… It’s a hodgepodge of health!

  1. “So why is it that when we feel sick, we keep going, downing temporary stimulants to suppress the fact that we just need to sleep and let our body get back to equilibrium?”

    I am completely guilty of that. That line made me realize. I’ve been fighting a head cold for the last three weeks – completely ignoring the fact that I should rest and relax. This weekend, I started to catch up on sleep and downed water like a fish – yet I’m still sick. I guess I should probably rest…huh? I’ve often lived by the words that I shouldn’t call into work unless I had a fever. But waiting until my body is screaming for help, probably isn’t healthy.

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