2 weeks out from the trip… Final flight plan and exciting news!

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood…Make big plans, aim high in hope and work. Daniel H Burnham

There is a verve in the anticipation of approaching the completion of goals you strive for. It is a payoff for all the brainstorming, the nerves, the temporary self-doubt and the butterflies you encounter along the way. It is my hope to remain in this state as often as possible, setting and attaining goals, constantly reaching new heights.

We are now officially two weeks out from the start of the Oakland to Miami adventure and retracing Amelia’s North American route! I want to give a short update on where we are and what we have planned! I hope you can join us here on the blog, through social media and through 9News. December 22nd, John and I will fly to DC to pick up the plane, which has been so generously donated for this trip. We will then fly the plane back to Denver, spend Christmas here in CO then head out on Dec 26th.

Dec. 26th marks the day we fly from Denver to Oakland to officially kick off the flight.

Here is the flight plan:

Dec. 26th: Denver to Oakland

Dec 27th: Oakland to Burbank

Dec 28th: Burbank to Tucson, Tucson to Austin

Dec 29th: Austin to New Orleans, New Orleans to Miami

We have finalized lots of exciting news about what we have planned for the week… we will have a full week of coverage on 9News, from a live kick-off at KAPA, to Skype interviews and in flight video, we will be recreating the photo of Amelia and her Lockheed Electra over Treasure Island in Oakland, we will make a stop at the PIMA Air Museum to see the Electra, and I will be pilot in command over my first ocean crossing from New Orleans to Miami. Along with the Pilot Mag coverage, Plane & Pilot Magazine will meet us in Burbank for an interview!

I am now starting to look at long-range forecasts for each city, seasonal averages and climate patterns for the flight. My meteorological studies have been so helpful in this process and it is great to see my schooling coming into use in such a personal way.

Thank you so much for sticking with me though these last few months. The response has been incredible! We have had over 21,500 visits to the blog, along with your encouraging comments, tips, and help along the way. I am so grateful for your support!


7 thoughts on “2 weeks out from the trip… Final flight plan and exciting news!

      • Amelia,
        What a great way to get your cross country hours! I had to space out my private and instrument due to time and cost constraints (SEL 2007), but this year in April, finally got my instrument ticket at IA in N35EC!! I really love the Cirrus, the instructors at IA and the freedom of flight. I am now able to enjoy the privilege of using my pilots license with the added responsibility of the instrument rating. It forces you to fly to keep the rating with the currency requirements, which are a great reminder to go up for me. I really enjoy your blog and wish you the best on your flight. I will continue to follow the blog and your adventures.
        Kindest regards,

  1. This is so exciting to follow. Your inspirations have inspired me. thank you and God Speed on your successful mission.

  2. Amelia I am so impressed with all that you are doing and have done. You are one amazing woman. You have attained the impossible as far as I am concerned. I wish you well on this journey and will be tuned (as usual) to 9news for all the latest and I’ll follow your blogs as well. Good luck lady!

  3. I am constantly amazed by your grit and determination concerning this endeavor of yours. I look forward to following you on your blog and will be offering prayers and intentions until your successful completion and safe return. God’s speed! As Always; “I Wish You Peace” -blue-

  4. Impressive route, have a great flight.

    While you may be quite busy in Oakland while you are there, not too far from the airport is Amelia Earhart Elementary School in Alameda. School will be out for the holiday of course, but could be a good inclusion on future trips in the Bay Area.

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