I have a little favor to ask of you…

The big flight is coming up and I got to thinking, how can I take a little piece of all of our supporters on board the plane with me? The comments, advice, support, questions, and stories that I have read from here on the blog, to Facebook, Twitter and also 9News have been so special to me, that I thought… why not bring them on the plane, literally!

So send in a comment, an email, a text… whatever you can, and answer the question, “What is your definition of adventure and what does it mean to you?”

Check out the video for details!

Thank you in advance!


25 thoughts on “I have a little favor to ask of you…

  1. My definition of adventure has been to accomplish my life-long dream of getting my pilots license when 58yrs old. There was never any doubt that I was going to accomplish this in spite of many obstacles that could have derailed my efforts. Financial reverses and medical issues were threatening. Six stents in my heart could have ended it for me. I waited out the sport pilot rulemaking and accomplished my goal after the sport pilot regulation became a reality.

    It has been an adventure in finding out my inner potential while facing adversity. The challenges were many and I consider all of this to be one of my greatest personal adventures. In the interim there has been little extra money to fly regularly as I would like but even this is an adventure in priorities and the answer is clear. Keep flying ,Greg! My wonderful wife says I am never more alive than after some time in an airplane. My marriage to my dear sweet Lori has been the best adventure ever. Perhaps this adventure story is not exactly what you had in mind. Nevertheless, it has been MY GREAT ADVENTURE! Having someone like my wife to embrace my aviation passion has been nothing but spectacular!

  2. For me,amongst all the different kinds of adventures there are in the world, there’s an adventure for everyone and each adventure will have that moment that will inspire you long after the adventure is over…Yesterday I got my PPL…believe it or not it was down to you!! Thank you for the inspiration Amelia x

  3. Adventure is deciding where you will go, but not knowing what will happen along the way. I wish you a good flight and that you never run out of altitude, airspeed or ideas.

  4. Hey Amelia,
    I will be flying sfo-lax on the 26th and across the southern part of the country on the 27th and 28th.
    Do you have two radios in the Cirrus? If you keep number two on 123.45 I will try and say hello from high above.
    Adventure is anything that raises your pulse while braving the unknown. Have a great trip.
    – Brian

  5. Amelia- adventure means to me to get out of my comfy comfort zone in suburbia (Denver) and face the world head on…I did that this year by traveling all around India on my own and had the time of my life! Best of luck on your flight and we here in Denver are MOST proud of what you are about to do…and that is a HUGE adventure!

  6. Adventure is someting you do that makes you happy. It can be something small or something big. It’s not what others may think an adventure is, it is what you think it is. I say always follow your heart. I wish you luck in yours and. My Prayers will be with you in yours. I admirer you in what you are doing. May God Bless You Always.

    Antonio E Romero III

  7. Adventure as an act is doing something where the outcome is unknown and not totally controlled by you. Adventure as an emotion is a mixture of excitement, trepidation, fear, and joy. Life is built on a series of adventures, from the first steps a baby takes to fulfilling dreams as an adult.

    Greg Campbell

  8. Adventure for me is defined as:
    1. Flying to anywhere and working on my instrument rating
    2. Scuba diving in the Caribbean
    3. Riding my Harley across America and Canada
    4. Watching my kids and granddaugher grow up
    5. Going on an African safari with my son in September
    6. Living on top of a mountain in Colorado with “The Beazer” and my wife
    7. Having more to do than I can possibly accomplish
    8. And, growing old while doing it all

  9. Hi Amelia,

    An adventure can begin at any time, when one closes their eyes and lets imagination take hold, long before a physical journey takes place. An adventure begins with a dream – to accomplish something unique to you, achieve a natural high.

    I remember 5 years ago (or so), when we were both getting ready to graduate from CU, you told me about your dream to fly around the world and that you were training and working to make it possible. I believed in you then, and now it seems like your dream is close to coming true, and I am greatly excited for you. I am happy to wish you good luck on your journey, and may Amante be with you in the dark skies.

    – K.

  10. Hey, you got picked up in the AOPA Aviation eBrief today via the Miami Times! Pretty cool! Adventure is inspiring others to push themselves further than they think they are able. Let’s hope a (large) new crop of young aviators/aviatrixes are touched and inspired by your upcoming adventure!

    Merry Christmas!

    Another private pilot named Amelia Earhart?
    Private pilot Amelia Earhart, a distant relative of the aviation pioneer, plans to re-create a 1937 flight from California to Florida. Earhart, who plans to fly a Cirrus SR22, will depart from Oakland, Calif., on Dec. 26. Earhart is studying meteorology at Mississippi State University. Miami New Times/Riptide2.0 blog (12/19)

  11. Hi Amelia,

    I just stumbled into your blog and your upcoming adventure while reading the news elsewhere. I know exactly what you are going through. Earlier this year my wife and I decided to visit her dad and mom in Lincoln, NE which is not a big deal except that we live in Ashland, OR. We chose to fly our SR22 instead of going commercial, as long as the weather cooperated. It did. Partly. This was our adventure. I’ve been flying since 2004 and purchased the Cirrus in 2010. My definition of adventure is to do something that you are theoretically fully prepared to do but have never done before. All of a sudden you are in charge, not the instructor sitting next to you. I had never planned such a long distance, multi-day flight, and on top of that with such an important passenger along. Can you say ‘Nerve-wrecking’? Coordinating possible routes for weather (snow in May), refueling, overnighting, hangar space in Lincoln, checking the weather, making sure the airplane is in perfect condition, getting my on-board WX equipment and learning how to use it, the works. We limited our flying to 4 hours per day and ended up taking the southern route. Medford, Palm Springs, Santa Fe, Lincoln. Everywhere we stopped we met some wonderful people and enjoyed the sights. In spite of all my training, I still stumbled into circumstances with ATC that were not all that familiar to me. Learning experience. Every morning I had to make go/no-go decisions based on my weather analyses for the day. Mind you that I’m at a disadvantage in that I’m not a meteorologist. Needless to say, I learned a lot just on that one trip.

    We had to wait for 3 weeks for the weather to cooperate and allow us a return flight, also via the southern route. But the one thing I’ve learned is to never have ‘home-itis’ when you’re the one flying the airplane. With that in mind, we just enjoyed our time in Lincoln until it was time to go home. Once we arrived back in Medford, OR, I felt the sense of accomplishment, of working towards something for so many years, not necessarily knowing what exactly, and then actually doing it.

    Now that I know what you’re up to, I will follow you all the way. I so wish I could come along and fly next to you. What Cirrus are you flying? By your description (Silver) I take it it is new. FIKI? Perspective? Turbo, TurboNormalized, Normally Aspirated? There is a group that would probably be VERY excited to hear (read) about you and that is the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA). Check them out if you haven’t already. Will you be filing IFR so that we can follow your track on FlightAware? What’s your tail number?

    All the best to you in your adventure and please do let us know about everything. We’ll all be watching and cheering.

    Cirrus SR22-G2
    N5030S, Ashland, OR.

  12. Amelia,

    Adventure for me is anytime I can get in an aiplane. I especially like early morning flights when the lights are still on on the gound but the sky is light. I’ll NEVER get tired of looking out of airplane windows even after 11,000+ hours — mostly PIC. I love to fly alone since for most of my career I’ve had either a copilot or a student in the other seat. I especially like to fly solo in a single-pilot Citation. Keep the shiney side up and the pointy end forward. (I love the Cirrus — I was a factory authorized instructor.)

  13. I always aim for the sun because I cam always fall back onto the moon! Adventure to me is not knowing 100% what is going to happen next. It could be good or bad. So always have a plan…enjoy your time in the air!

  14. Adventure to me is going beyond your comfort zone.Not because you need to,but because you want to,and the feeling you get once you do that regardless of Success or Failure makes no difference,because you did your best,and made the attempt.It’s kinda like when people tell you you can’t do something,for whatever reason.Didn’t that always spur you on to prove to yourself that you could? Did me! I was a fighter pilot in Viet Nam,people said,I couldn’t,but I approached it as an adventure,and boy was it.We’ll all be with you during your “Great Adventure ” Ame.God Speed,Clear Sky’s.

  15. The definition of “Adventure”! Absolutely a great question…. Would you rather be flying solo? Would you rather be cave tubing in Belize? Would you rather be sitting at 18,000 feet overlooking Mt. Everest? We all can achieve pursue accomplish anything you deserve or dream! The word “adventure” describes everything above of what I have accomplished so far, but this word means continue pursuing more goals and experiences even if your 60 years old or 21 years old, even way, you say you can’t!

    But the truth,

    “Don’t allow anyone say you can’t achieve anything”

    Recently, I got to fly my first Cirrus SR-22 Turbo, fantastic airplane and lots of fun! Definitely, my favorite part was to see how much acceleration it has on take-off and pulling back on the stick and seeing it launched up!

    For me, my adventure before end of January, is to get my Private Pilot License. Taking my written examination next week sometime, so I’m getting excited! Got my written endorsement today to take the test, so I should be all set hopefully! The next goal, to get instrument by Summer! and fly to Oshkosh 2012! Get the opportunity to meet more people
    and love aviation industry more than ever before! So maybe see you there?!!

    So enjoy your trip flying tomorrow, and always look up realize your goals can be accomplished if you just believe!! Enjoy every cross-country, going to be best 4 days of your
    life and many more to come!


  16. Amelia, I wish you the best on your adventures. Take it from a guy that turned 59 yesterday and has traveled all over the world with the Dept of Defense; adventure is living life like tomorrow will be your last day alive. I retired in 2010 and have been restoring 2 Ercoupes (1946 C & 1948 E model). Luckily I am partners in a nice Piper 180 I can fly, train in and enjoy to meet all my short term goals but the Ercoupes are my long term goals. When I finish them I’m planning an extended low altitude VFR flight (like the old days) as far as they will take me, probably staying in North America. It has been my goal for many years, while serving in such places as Vietnam, Iraq, Germany, Israel, all beautiful in their own right, to see as much of the good old USA (and Canada) as I can before I die. Seeing it from a small plane will be all the better. I had a small taste last November when I flew one of my Ercoupes home to SC from Scranton, PA; you more then most will understand when I say, “the hook was set” and everything I think about in some way relates to my planned adventure. Fair Winds, Hugh

  17. At 35 years old……I had a dream….so I got a job and worked for 6 years on the ramp @ Fort Collins/Loveland Airport. I learned aviation from the ground up, then finally by working full time, and after work cleaning airplanes and hangars for 2 years – I finally got my private!!! (Loan free!) I have flown a great number of aircraft due to the exposure at the airport from Citation Cj’s to an open cockpit Biplane! I have even taken the controls of the B24 for over 1/2 hour! Due to economic conditions, me quitting the Jet Center, (To help the hubby with his business) and the fact we are trying to resurrect a business from 12 years ago…I have not flown since March. It has become too expensive for me – but it’s a passion I hope I can someday find the $$ to fund again. I am tearing up as I write this because it’s now in my blood and I Love it like nothing I’ve ever done in my life. So I KNOW how you feel! Good luck on your endeavors…..I’ll be cheering for you all the way! \m/

  18. Hi Amelia, first of all I want to say, Chloe and I are really enjoying following you through this journey!!!

    To me, life is an adventure and I believe to get the most out of it you must live on the edge of your comfort zone, frequently pushing yourself far beyond it. When life gets too comfy or simple, I feel like I’m missing out on something. I like to take advantage of every possible thing that comes my way and go after the things that make my heart pump with excitement. Adventure is trying to live a life of no regrets!!

    Enjoy your trip! It is such an inspiration to us all! Makes me want to be up in the sky too!

  19. Adventure is waking up and taking care of my lovely wife and children just as my Dad did for me each day. My job brings its own challenges each day but the real adventure is taking care of those I love, as I was taught to. My Dad died from a heart attack 19 years ago and to carry on everything that he taught me in my first 19 years on earth is adventure to me 🙂 I wish you a safe and amazing flight Amelia!!!!!

  20. Adventure is taking hold of your dreams and chasing them into the unknown. I have just completed one of my lifelong dreams – building and flying an aircraft of my own design (Known appropriately as the Avian Adventurer) here in New Zealand. after years of dreaming, and 10 years of building and overcoming many frustrating holdups and delays, the aircraft flew in March this year. The test pilot has flown enough of the test schedule to check me out in it, and the joy of actually flying your “dream” after so many years of struggle cannot be described. My motto for the project was “If it was supposed to be easy, everyone would be doing it” and I pass the same motto on to you. Dreams and adventures are not supposed to be easily attainable, but can be achieved with perseverance, determination and vision. Chase the dream, live the Adventure!
    BTW, how about visiting New Zealand on your World Trip – there is a huge sport flying movement here and we would really welcome you!

  21. Amelia, I’m very excited about your journey and look forward to all the pictures and videos. “Real adventure is having the freedom to see the unknown”.

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