A difficult promise and a lot of hard work… are you game?

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however” Richard Bach

Never before, in my nearly twenty-nine years have I experienced such a straight line of learning in direct coordination with practical application of a skill. Just three months ago I was sitting in my downtown apartment, feeling like my aviation goals were out of reach. I knew I wanted to do something big but I didn’t know what it would be. The flight around the world will come in time, but there had to be ways that I could become a smarter, more flexible pilot in the meantime. When the decision was made to commit to completing my instrument training a huge internal sigh of relief was taken. It felt good to simply make a decision, rather than sit on the fence and wonder which way I would fall. It was a confusing time for me, knowing that I wanted to fly, get more involved in general aviation and be in the sky as much as possible. It seems that sometimes choosing the goal and making a concrete decision is more difficult than the execution of the goal. Once I was finally getting myself back at to the airport, I started to feel that energetic charge that comes with being around the plane, the people, the community that exists at small airports. From the hangar flying that goes on before and after actual airtime, to the studying for my check ride, to getting to know the aircraft inside and out, it started to eventually feel right. It started to feel like home.
 Committing to a month solid of instrument training was intense. Each day I arrived at 9News for the 4:30am show, reported for four and a half hours, changed into jeans and my pink Puma’s and bolted to Centennial Airport. Rather than think of flight training of something that I HAD to do in order to the fly the plane, I decided to shift my perspective. I decided that flight training was as important as the outcome and it was something that I GOT to do, and began to thoroughly enjoy. About half way through my instrument instruction, I began to get an itch for a really long flight. I had already began blogging about my experience, but there was something bigger going on.
Truthfully, there was no big event, no spark of inspiration that led to wanting to retrace Amelia’s flight. It is almost like I knew I would do it all along, which made it easy to accept the idea when it came to mind. I made a video blog the day I decided to do it, put the idea out there and the rest has flowed very easily. Weather has cooperated, we have received a lot of help along the way, and overall the timing has been great. However, there was nothing easy about this trip. The planning, the coordination, the connections in each city, the media side of it, it has consumed my life. Here is the kicker- I absolutely love it. When a goal that is so close to your heart is acknowledged in your mind, you will find the energy to accomplish your ideas. The work will be tough, the hours will be late, but the feeling will be all the payment you need in return for your exhaustion. Each night over the last several months I have fallen asleep with a huge smile on my face, knowing that I looked each day in the eye and got everything accomplished that I possibly could have.
 When we departed Burbank this morning at 6am, winds were calm and Los Angeles was just waking up. For once, that town felt calm. The calm within me came from the fact that I was literally holding the tools in my hand to rise above the city and head East. We had filed the night before, did a dark and cold pre flight on the plane, and jumped into the cold seats of the Cirrus. Two doors closed and all I had to do was fly the plane. We got our clearance, departed on runway 5, and flew over the San Fernando Valley.
 As we continued to fly towards the high desert of Southern California, the sun rose over the mountains. From that first sliver of bright orange light came full sunlight, spreading over the silver wings, fuselage and tail. We were bathed in the pink, blue and golden colors of the sunrise and everything was calm, clean and fresh.
Right now, the autopilot is in command, John is to my right and we are cruising at 174 kts at 11,000 feet. I would say I feel lucky, but that would be a lie. I feel in control, smart and focused on completing this goal, enjoying each and every take-off, landing, heading change, and altimeter setting. The end of this trip will mean a new goal and all the difficulties that come along with the planning and the preparations. I feel like I have all the tools and the power to make any dream come true and I know that you do too.
It is going to take time and be hard as hell, but the satisfaction that comes from whatever your version of flying is, will be worth all the hard work in the world. I promise.

14 thoughts on “A difficult promise and a lot of hard work… are you game?

  1. Well put young lady…. Well put. I really hope that is the case with my lawn and tree business I started in March 2009. Kent Wiens

  2. Dear Amelia, You continue to impress, inspire and give to so many of us! Your expressive style of writing places your readers right there with you in the cockpit! I look forward to each new post with unparalleled anticipation! As another individual that loves the sheer joy of being above that beautiful white blanket; gazing at the deep blue that envelopes you; I can’t thank you enough for taking me along for the ride! May you blessed with all that you desire the rest of your days! As always; “I Wish You Peace” -WAYNE BEAULIEU (aka: BLUE)

  3. I am loving your descriptive writing… I’m definitely living precariously through you. 🙂
    Safe travels! I can’t wait for your next post!!

    • Omg…. And I just realized I used the wrong word. I was tired last night!! Hahah!! I meant “vicariously”. Lol… *blushing*

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences!! Looking forward to more. 🙂

  4. You’re a fantastic inspiration for anyone who has an interest in aviation ! You exemplify that one creates opportunity rather than sit and wait for it to come to you. My first twin engine run-up was 1980 in a Beech 18 ! Having been away from aviation for over 10 years a new job now allows me the opportunity and funding to get back into flying, in part motivated by your latest adventure! Rest assured that the excitement of seeking opportunity, adventure, and achievement never diminishes as you progress through life! Keep it up! You have a unique opportunity to motivate people across age, gender, and social groups!

  5. Amelia – it is exciting to watch you and read your blogs , you just have this
    Glow about you as speak about your journey , photos you have taken are
    Awsome – I would love to have a copy of the photo in Austin with you holding the Colorado State Flag , you journey this round ends in Miami on
    Friday and then I say get ready for around the world flight.
    Job well done Amelia ❤

  6. Great inspiration! You can feel your excitement and passion through your writing, and it makes good writing so much better. As I’ve learned in my life, so many things can be accomplished just by setting your goals, planning your steps, and going out and doing it. Safe travels, have fun, and, most importantly, enjoy the moment!

  7. The pictures are breath taking! They give me chills! Thank you for everything! You really are a gift from above! Your truly my idol! The sky looks clear and beautiful! Back here in Colorado it is crazyyyyy windy and cold but hey its Colorado!! Keep up the amazing trip! good luck!

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  9. Love that you let us follow you and you dreams, Love all the great photos that ya’ll take. I can tell the glow in your face when you talk about your dream. I hope girls around here and everywhere look up to you. and they follow there dreams. Cause they do come true you are proof of that.

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