Ditching the average life: Six ways to say yes to Adventure

First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.” Aristotle

Tomorrow morning I am about to climb in an airplane and complete my goal: a transcontinental flight across the US in a single engine aircraft, following Amelia’s 1937 route. Two months ago, this goal seemed impossible, more of a dream than a plan. Much has been realized about goal setting and accomplishment in this time, and while I by no means have things figured out, I certainly feel like I have discovered some universal tools to success.

1) Do not be afraid to ask for help. If you are anything like me, asking for help seems a sign of weakness. That is not the case. Differing perspectives, new ideas, experience, advice, and a fresh look can make all the difference in the world. Also, when someone wants to help you for the right reasons, let them. It feels good to give gifts. Sometimes you will be the giver, but other times you will be the recipient.

2) Say your goals out loud. When you take the bold step to tell others what you are planning to do, your goals immediately come alive. From that point, details get filled in, dots get connected and accountability comes into play. In my case, I used this blog to put some real gumption behind my goals. Whether it is family, friends, social media, or a blog, just start saying it! For me, it felt great to catch people off guard. When someone says, “how are you” or “what’s new?”, REALLY tell them! I started saying, things like, “I am training for a cross-country flight” and guess what the response was… “Oh really? I know someone who you should talk to” or “how can I help”. You will be quite surprised to find how much people want to cheer you on and hope for the best. For those who don’t cheer you on, decide that you don’t have room for them in your life. As I have said before, there is room for everyone to be great.

3) Don’t set aside certain times to be the kind of person you strive to be. Be it ALL the time. While we all have roles we play in life, there is no excuse for only allowing yourself to be great when it fits into your schedule or when it convenient to how you feel. Feeling like your own role model is a full time job, but trust me, it pays very well. Off days are for lazy people. Take time to relax, of course… but relax in the mindset of someone who is living a rockin’ life, not like someone who is taking the easy road because it feels good to check out.

4) Cheer others on and make friends with your role models. When you see someone making a difference or excelling at something unique, tell them what you think. Tell them you are proud of what they have pulled off and that you look up to their qualities. In terms of role models, it feels great to be able to shoot an email off to someone who you look up to and actually get a response. Maybe it is a friend who is a smart entrepreneur or a successful athlete. Our role models don’t have to be world-famous or historic figures. Those kinds are excellent but we are all surrounded by a community of people who are one degree of separation away from us. When you meet someone who you look up to, don’t go home and sulk about how you have nothing going on in your own life, call them up, email, or inquire as to how they got where they are! Chances are, they will be willing to tell you a lot about how they got to their position. You are completely in control of who you bring into your circle of friends so you might as well choose some amazing people who inspire you to be great.

5) Stop multi-tasking. This one is simple. Stop trying to be 2 (or 346) places at one time. When you commit to getting something done, put your heart into it, be it dishes, flying, data entry, a conversation, or sleeping. Whatever it is, do it whole heartedly and with enthusiasm. Nothing is worse than talking to someone when they are texting or have their mind on the next thing they must do. Let’s start being genuinely interested in our lives and the people and things we choose to invite into them. It feels great to care.

6) Look each day in the eye. Just as you look your loved ones in the eye and listen to what they have to say, acknowledging them as unique and important, you should do the same thing to each day you are given. When you wake up in the morning, you MUST realize that you have just as many minutes and hours in the day as someone like Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart or anyone you hold in high regard. Not having enough time to reach your goals is a choice, a decision that you make in terms of which items you deem important. What I like to do is get all the tough stuff out of the way early in the day. Work out, pay the bills, make the tough phone calls, get them done so that the rest of the day can be spent in goal oriented focus!

Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. These things have worked for me and I have a huge smile on my face a majority of the time.

What works for you?


12 thoughts on “Ditching the average life: Six ways to say yes to Adventure

  1. Ameliae
    I really enjoy reading about your daily flight adventures. I admire your perserverance and focus to follow your dreams. It helps to remind me of the positive things I need to focus on in my life and keep that focus. Life is an adventure especially the way you are living it. Thanks Ameliae for giving me inspiration to live each day to the fullest. You are awesome.
    Michelle Murawski

  2. I briefly saw something about your flight over San Antonio and saw a picture of your route. You obviously have already stopped in Tucson. When was this? I would’ve made a trip over from D-M AFB to meet you. Again, good luck to you.

    Greg Gaunt

  3. Amelia,

    Looks as though you will enjoy a bit of a tailwind across the Gulf! You deserve that…. enjoy your journey today.


  4. I really love the “six ways to say yes to adventure”!!! Its really thoughtful and super motivating!!! Hope you have a super safe trip!!! Colorado misses you!!!

  5. I was born the year the first Amelia made her trans-atlantic flight. Watched you on 9news traffic reports and your recent trip to Miami.
    Could you put up a map of her trans-atlantic trip and your proposed trans-atlantic route?

  6. Hi Ms Earhart,
    Many congratulations on your inspiring adventure.
    Eighty years ago on May 21, your ancestor flew into our home town, Derry, at the end of her legandary transatlantic flight from Newfoundland. There’ll be major celebrations here to mark the anniversary – as there will be next year (2013) when Derry becomes the first UK City of Culture. If you got your badges in time, perhaps you could fly in and join us?
    Garbhan Downey
    Director of Communications,
    Culture Company 2013

  7. Good Evening Amelia……..

    I happened across your blog by default doing some research on the Cirrus Turbo. I cannot stand to applaud you enough!! I have for years been fascinating with Amelia, Charles Lindberg and all great pilots who were on the forefront of aviation as a whole. Amelia in particular because of being female and the era she was in.
    I could not help to write you a quick note….. As of October, I have begun my flight training. Training in a Cirrus SR20! As a 30 year old, business owner, father of two and massive fear of flying in turbulence………. 😦 After years of reasons to NOT fly I finally took the leap. I could not be happier!!! I love your goals, I love your drive and this post is dead on! You have surrounded the subject but my only addition is NEVER LET ANYTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY!!-In every aspect of life!!

    Keep up the good work, GOOD LUCK on your IFR! You will ace it!
    You have a new fan! If your travels ever bring you back to California…… Let us know, would love to shake your hand!!

    Happy flying!!

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