Being “on-track” vs. building your own track

This is not a whimsy, foofy, la-tee-dah kind of post. If you want that, well, check back next time because I dig those too, but today, I am ready to rock my big goals.

This is a post about getting things done and asking for what you want.

I just posted a note on my Facebook page that read:

Ask for what you want, not what you think it is “appropriate” to ask for. 

Being “appropriate” sucks! 

Here’s to going big. 

Within 17 minutes, 102 people had “liked” this, and about a dozen others had taken the time to comment. What does this tell us? We ALL want to grab the day by the horns and get our BIG stuff accomplished. What are you not asking for? Consider the worst case scenario… you get a no and you move on to the next potential YES!

This concept is not about asking others for what you need. It is about knocking on the doors of opportunity and asking yourself if you are ready to walk through them when the doors are answered. If the door was opened, would you stand there with a blank look on your face or would you smile, take that first step over the threshold and start making things happen?

This summer I am going to fly the Cirrus to Paris and back. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of planning involved in this kind of flight and it is time to kick things into high gear.

From sponsors to aircraft to planning, there is a lot to rock in order to pull this off.

So far, things are on track to make this happen. I don’t like being on track. I like being the one designing the concept for the bigger and better track.

You have 1440 minutes in each day to surprise yourself with how much you can do to improve your life and the lives around you.

Sleep about 7 hours (Oh how I wish that were the case!), you still have 1020 minutes to make your life what you want. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Say you work another 8 hours on top of that, well… you just found 540 minutes to do what you want. Take care of your family, take care of the important stuff, but remember that you must invest in your ideas in order for them to blossom. Maybe you wake up early, you eat lunch at your desk, skip “happy” hour (horrible name, by the way), stay up late… DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO to make things happen. Coming from the girl whose alarm goes off at 3am 6 days a week… I am here to tell you that it can be done.

Goodness, the potential is ridiculous.

Big ideas are the best. They challenge us, they confuse and frustrate us. All the best things do!

The response on Facebook to the post above says it best… I wrote this in about 10 minutes and another 52 people clicked “like”. Those are some pretty good numbers.

Ask. Do. Inspire others to do the same.

What will you do with the 1440 minutes in your day? (Starting now)


8 thoughts on “Being “on-track” vs. building your own track

  1. Amelia, Thank you so much! I was one of those that took the time to comment on Facebook and what you wrote here was such a gift back. I get maybe 5 hours of sleep a night right now, but that is good enough for me. I’m taking time to knock on those doors to get an answer, while having my regular job and taking care of my family.

    If I don’t take that time to run burn the candle and knock on those doors, I’ll never reach everything that I am able to be for myself, my family or those that know me 🙂

    Simply, Thank you for your beautiful post Amelia!!!! Have a great Monday ahead of you!

  2. Much like fueling your Cirrus………YOU continue to exhale the wind beneath other’s wings! You truly DO lift each of us with your posts! Amelia, you have such a gift for writing and such an enormous capacity to inspire others. Your career has provided you wonderful opportunities to grow your skills and network your professional and personal relationships in a public forum. But what you choose to do with your skills away from KUSA, is what makes you even more meaningful to others….and truly…..who you are! Meteorology, traffic reporting, aviation……….you excel in each. But your greatest gift is your positive attitude and willingness to share it with others. You could make a fortune as a motivational speaker! Great job and another post that amped me up!

  3. November, 2011, I returned from a cycling trip of the west coast after making the decision to give up on a career that failed to satisfy. Since then, I have been strugling with the decision to return to the mundane, or just give in to the urge that is, my inate desire to see/experience more. This past weekend I reunited with some old friends, and from that I somehow gained the insight that I was looking for. It happened in a somewhat sublime fashion. I found my self planning the next three adventures that will in some form or fashion, satisfy my desires, all of which I will complete this year, between April and September. They are in this order, 1) A week long, solo, snowshoe/ back pack winter survival trip into the Mt. Evans wilderness area, 2) I have discovered a trail system that will allow me to ride my mountain bike from home in Conifer to Georgetown, maybe Breck, and 3) to finish the season, I will hike the continental divide trail in Colorado, from north to south. Why? Because, like you said, being appropriate sucks. I find it to be completely appropriate. For me. I recently discussed this with my accountant and she played the devil’s advocate. I said, ” Why not come with me?” ” I’m too old” I winked and that was all I needed to make my position perfectly clear. Thank you Amelia for the great posts. You are truely an inspiration. Keep on writing.

  4. I’d love to see you do a post, where you interview folks who are in the process/have reached milestones of achieving their dreams (specifically, aviation/flight goals). Perhaps some nuggets of knowledge both for yourself and for the rest of us.

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