Living in-decision… get off the fence and get in the jet

Airshow stance… 3:30pm Sunday, August 26th, 2012 Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.

Right hand up, blocking the sun. Eyes squinting through slightly scratched aviator sunglasses. Old tennis shoe wearing feet, planted in weedy grass next to runway 2-0. Sweating, longing, heart pounding, needing. I. Want. What. That. Stands. For. Greatness.

Not one person there didn’t feel the roar of the F22 in their bellies, deep-down, their inner drive pulsing to be something monumental, like what we saw in the sky. As a collective group of strangers, we knew without a doubt, this is what love feels like. We are born to crave these feelings and seek them continually in our lives.

So what is it about a fighter jet that makes even the most squeamish, conservative among us say, “I wanna do that, be that, fly that, own that, design that, FEEL THAT”? Why are we drawn to the raw, gray metal, the unreachable aura surrounding the jet?

We all want to know, what does that feel like? What does a power of that magnitude create in the pilot’s hands, heart, and head? I bet he feels awesome, in control and is probably overcome with i n d e c i s i o n.

Whah? Why the hell would a fighter pilot, rocking 9+ gs, all top-gunned out, in an F22 Raptor feel indecision. He wouldn’t…

He ditched indecision a long time ago and now lives in-decision.

Stay with me here.

“Choices are the hinges of destiny” Pythagoras

Tough choices are tough because we give them meaning, we create options and usually have a this way or that approach. If I choose option A, I get outcomes that match A. If I choose option B, I get outcomes that match B.

As the fighter pilot executes his maneuvers, flies high then dives toward the ground, there are two choices: Option A is *smoosh* and option B is *whoosh*. In this case, the decision to act is more important than executing the maneuver perfectly, to highest standards. It is about continuing on or stopping in your tracks.

In life, indecision is fatal. Wavering, teetering, neutral. Being in neutral, you have no power. No fuel. No propulsion.

The failure to act is the end-all-be-all of living a life worth while.

Do or don’t but don’t be the murky, boring, cloudy, and eternal maybe.

Lots of us live in indecision. We have all been there and we will go there again. We worry and fret that by making a decision, we will be pressed to choose, made to be held responsible to the choices we make and then, have to pay for the choices we make.

You bet your ass you will. Make a decision and be responsible for it. Pay for the decisions you make and eventually, you will make the right decision that will pay off in ways you’ve never, ever, ever, imagined. It will be your kaboom moment. (Enough of the ah-ha moment crap, it’s overused. Sorry Oprah, love your show)

Consider, for a moment, living indecision vs. living in-decision.

Which is which and what is what…

You can either…

Spend the time preparing, finessing, crafting the proposal that will rock the socks off of those who you are asking for support.


Procrastinate until the day before, make excuses and then blame your environment for your inability to seal the deal.

You can either…

Ask the question, make the call, make eye contact, say hello, open the book, say yes, or say no.


Open Facebook, bring someone down with your jealousy and criticism, hit the snooze, hit the booze.

Living in-decision, means action. Living indecision means you are stationary. You can’t get a yes to a question you haven’t asked, you can’t get an offer on something that’s not worth buying.

You CAN get invitations from new friends who know you are open to showing up and bringing fun, creativity and new panache.

You CAN get yeses (Is that a word?) to questions you put out there to be answered.

So back to the question… “Why are we drawn to the raw, gray metal, the unreachable aura surrounding the jet?”

Because the jet is a solid, resounding yes or a no. It accelerates to 1,300 miles per hour and stops when you tell it to. There’s no maybe in flying a fighter jet. You are either in or you’re out. You are either indecision or in-decision.

Let’s face it… we are drawn to things, people, ideas, that know exactly who they are and what they stand for. Be what you want to be. The fence is a terribly uncomfortable, unstable place to sit. Literally. 

I think you know where I stand. See you there.

In-decision (and lots of love),



5 thoughts on “Living in-decision… get off the fence and get in the jet

  1. While I do believe there is an inherent problem in indecision itself, I think that the worst possible place to be is in between having a decision and still being indecisive. To paraphrase Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, you’re walking down the middle of a road between having a decision and being undecided…sooner or later, you’ll get run down by a car…or a plane if you’re on a runway. 🙂

    But yes. Honestly, I think we just need to get off our asses and do something. Still, always at least do a cursory consideration of potential consequences.

  2. This is an excellent perspective. I love the “indecision,” vs. “in-decision,” model. I’ve always told my students that you should research the relevant items along your route of flight before taking off, then, take-off. Sometimes making the wrong decision is better than no decision at all.

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