Why I never want you to completely succeed

What do you see when you gaze skyward? Take a beautiful sunrise, filled with creamy orange streaks, melted pink puddles, that gradient of color change when you can’t quite tell when muted purples gleefully transition to radiant blues…

The sight of a sunrise such as this is like your favorite candy. It’s just enough sweetness, it’s a little indulgent. All the colors in the bubble gum machine are there on display, ready to rock your tastebuds, which in this case, are your lovely peepers. This is grab-your-camera, point-with-a-stranger kind of beauty. It’s here in a flash and you always want just a little bit more. You want those colors to get brighter, last longer, go higher, blow your mind in that I-just-can’t-look-away fashion. Those colors are excellent because they are rare.

If we walked around with these kinds of colors, rockin’ our cones and rods, all the time, we would quickly get used to this display. No biggie, the sky is exploding with red, blue, yellow, purple and orange. La tee dah, I want a sandwich. But the good news is, we don’t get it all the time and we most certainly are not thinking about common day stuff.

When dreamers see these colors, something bigger washes over us. For me, the rare moments of spectacular sight are when my vision leaps from my eyes and lands in my ***heart***

When we are graced by the extra ordinary, we savor the change, but realize it’s fleeting.

These sunsets make you stop and appreciate whatcha got, and that’s a lot.

That’s what flight is like. When I’m in the plane, I want more time to gaze   at the stars, seek horizons, leave the earthbound problems and issues far below. I want more swift, sweet flight, more of that sugar on my tongue. When destinations are reached, sure it is a success, but it means it is time to leave the extra ordinary and put your feet back on the ground.

The ultimate conundrum is this: if we always flew, we would crave the opportunity to walk.

Where am I going with all this fleeting color talk? ***The parts of life we want the most, are the ones we are given the least***

Allow me to attempt to prove my theory.

Thirsty for water in a desert? You’d do whatever it took to find a glass of h2o, steal, beg, borrow to quench that thirst.

Falling in love? You ache to see that person like no other. Priorities fall by the wayside and you just want to be in their presence.

Want to fly but are strapped for cash? Flight takes over the mind, you crave it, you long for it, you yearn to be airborne. You work your ass off to make it possible to afford to fly.

Stuck below the glass ceiling at work? You’ll claw, fight and leap to have your chance to prove yourself and bust out from that cage.

The less you HAVE, the more you WANT

The more you WANT, the harder you’ll WORK

The harder you WORK, the more you’ll DESERVE

The more you DESERVE, the bigger the SATISFACTION

The bigger the SATISFACTION, the bigger he next GOAL

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

So it goes with success… when you are constantly in a state of desire for deeper, more gratifying, bigger, accomplishments, you will continue to work hard to achieve the goals.

While it may be fun to daydream about winning the lottery and having “everything you could ever want and more”, I’d argue that it wouldn’t be as satisfying as you might think.

Anything in *excess* loses its value.

We have to have the blue sky to appreciate the vivid sunsets

We have to have eager thirst to appreciate water

We have to miss someone to enjoy when they grace us with their presence

You have to be on a budget to feel the satisfaction of spending saved cash

You have to be told you can’t do something to feel the joy of saying, “actually, yes I can”

Yes, there are exceptions, but what I propose is this:

In the hunt for success, learn to love the feeling of wanting more. It is the want that creates that oh-so-sexy fire in the eyes of someone who wants something so badly they can taste it, feel it, live it with everything they’ve got.

Be the want, be the work, and deep down, enjoy the climb.

Here’s to never quite getting everything you want… how boring would that be?


2 thoughts on “Why I never want you to completely succeed

  1. There’s a Twilight Zone episode that touched on this notion: A Nice Place to Visit. In it, the main protagonist is a thief who never had much of a life. He’s killed and given everything he ever wanted in the afterlife. Naturally, he believes he’s in Heaven.

    Eventually, he gets bored of having no challenge or problems (Everything is handed to him) and starting to go nuts, he asks his “consultant” to take him to Hell, during which the consultant informs him that that’s exactly where is is.

    In the words of Rod Serling: ““A scared, angry little man who never got a break. Now he has everything he’s ever wanted – and he’s going to have to live with it for eternity… in the Twilight Zone“

    Point being, it’s good to have problems. Not a lot, of course, but enough to let us really appreciate the good in life.

  2. This is an amazing piece, Amelia… You have it right that the desire or want for something is always feels tainted if not EARNED! Plus the pictures of your passion, the skies, are gorgeous!!!

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