Back to basics

Hey friends,

No election talk here, just a note for those who have this sort of thing stamped on their souls… and for those who could use a reminder.

I’ll run my hand gently over the wing of a small airplane and say to him, “This plane can teach you more things and give you more gifts than I ever could. It won’t get you a better job, a faster car, or a bigger house. But if you treat it with respect and keep your eyes open, it may remind you of some things you used to know — that life is in the moment, joy matters more than money, the world is a beautiful place, and that dreams really, truly are possible.” And then, because airplanes speak in a language beyond words, I’ll take him up in the evening summer sky and let the airplane show him what I mean.

— Lane Wallace, ‘Eyes of a Child,’ Flying magazine, February 200



6 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. Great post Ameilia. It’s a fantastic reminder that regardless of what transpires in terms of current events, be they political, social, or otherwise, our love of aviation will always prevail. When the dreams of DaVinci were made manifest as our feet first left Earth during the era of the Wright brothers, we were reminded that terrestrial existence was but an option. I’m eagerly watching as your trans-Atlantic flight plans progress and I wish you absolute success in your journey!

  2. This is a good day to remind all of us that love aviation about our wonderful freedom of flying. Since only .2% of the US population are licensed pilots, be aware of our insignificant minority in the face of a burgeoning population that believes anybody who is ‘that wealthy’ to afford to fly is ‘out of touch’. These are the same people that shop airline tickets by price alone and are enabling airlines to continue their subsidized existance. Let’s work to ensure that we are able to teach our own grandchildren what Lane Wallace ascribes.

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