What *can* you be, what are you *willing* to be?

Watch the video before you read!

These are 4 minutes and 19 seconds you’ll be glad you devoted your time to! Brian Johnson, creator of en*theos (www.entheos.com) and Philosopher’s Notes (www.entheos.com/philosophersnotes.com) struck a chord with me during his latest YouTube video on Optimal Living… he talked about that tricky little zone we all tend to visit more than we’d like: “The Integrity Gap”

He describes this place as, the distance between what you are *capable* of doing and what you are *actually* doing.

I watched this video while on the treadmill at the hotel here in Minneapolis, I am here for a meteorology conference that 9News sent me to. But first, rewind a bit… we got in a few hours early and it is nearly as cold as Denver here! Right around 7 degrees today. As I walked into my pretty little hotel room, I thought, ugh, there are so many things I need to get done! My room looks out over the Mall of America and I gotta tell ya, it was less than inspiring. Buy, buy, buy, eat, eat, eat, spend, spend, spend. It instantly put me in a bad mood!

I sat there on my perfectly pressed bed, thinking about how cold it was, how much I needed to get done, how lazy I felt, and how I would be here all week! We have all been there, right?

The afternoon could have gone one of two ways, turn on daytime (ugh) tv, surf Facebook and listen to everyone complain about the cold, and generally replicate the view I was looking at through my window, or…

I could *close my integrity gap* and cancel out the distance between what I was actually doing and what I was capable of doing. So I laced up my Pegasus sneaks and got my butt down to the gym.

New view, new body temperature (hot hot hot) and a new feeling that I was now doing what I was capable of. I came back upstairs, wrote some exciting follow up emails about the round the world flight, made a few calls that included a big ask *with a yes response!* and popped up the lap top to jot this note.

((((I am not trying to brag by writing this blog, yadda yadda, I got so much done. Not that at all. I just want to make sure that the people who care enough to read the post get the same opportunity to feel as incredible as I do. ))))

As Brian says, the gap is filled with regret (I should have gotten more accomplished), anxiety (I am falling behind and my goals will not get accomplished), and disillusionment (blah, blah, life ain’t so fun).

Back to the point of the video- how can you close the gap?

It is truly as simple as being the highest version of yourself moment to moment. That even feels good to write… what would the best version of you do right now, literally right in this very moment?

For me, it is writing this down and having the courage to push the publish button.

To closing the gap…

Here goes.


7 thoughts on “What *can* you be, what are you *willing* to be?

  1. We had something very similar when I was in the Army. He was called Battery Sergeant Major D.J. Jeffers.

    Fifteen years later he’s still in my head pushing me on when I’m not pushing myself.

    “Get it done.”

  2. Hi Amelia,

    Your example of going to the gym is exactly what I was thinking while I was watching that video. There is such a huge gap between what I am capable of doing for my body and what I am actually doing for it. And I know that I always feel great when I get off my butt and get into the gym, and feel so fantastic about myself afterwards….it’s exactly what he’s talking about. If I just did that in every aspect of my life, life would be so much more rewarding and happy. It’s crazy how we talk ourselves out of doing stuff and even find justifications for either procrastinating doing nothing at all!

    Great blog!!!


  3. Great stuff as always! Just wanted to let you know I’m glad you ‘pushed the publish button’.

    Also just a random, question/note: Do you do yoga? I started a few months ago and I love it, just the feeling it brings, the calmness it allows you to attain and despite what many people think it’s also a pretty incredible workout, especially the hot yoga classes.

    That’s all, thanks again! Enjoy Minnesota!!!

  4. Sounds like that mighty steed finally swept in and gave rise to those new Pegasus! Nice work Amelia! Way to seize the moment and high-step through that “integrity gap!” Then, closing that gap even more…..your high stepping hurdled you over another obstacle…..when you took the time to post this blog………sliding the bar a level higher, by finding “Pride” in yourself. Not sure about everyone else……..but as a loyal follower…….twud seem to me you’re achieving arete’ more frequently than you give yourself credit. And now……the subject at hand……from your Mall of America vista……..keep on high-stepping at the meteorology conferences!!! Keeping smiling that smile, exuding that pride, and make this week one for your personal record “books!” I’m looking forward to more you’ll be sharing, as this week progresses………and quite truthfully, in each morning you set foot on the floor. I know it won’t be but moments after that pair of feet, blanketed in their footie pajamas, start bouncing to “next steps” and more positive energy. You have a gift…….please keep sharing it! Nice job and GREAT post! Blessings!

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