The 24 hour “what if” challenge

Living in the “what if” stage can be pretty addictive…

What if… you ask the question, request the favor, make the change, take the leap, quit the job, ask the girl, *answer* the question, get off the couch, turn off the tv, pay the bill, sign up, check out, check in to your goal?

You know that comfy feeling when you are staring into space, pondering what would happen if you do any one of these things? That place is dream land. No one holds you accountable for your unspoken “what ifs”, so you get to play and peruse possibility. You can be the biggest version of yourself in this space… you can be bold and sexy, quiet and constructive, in a sense, you are only limited by the bounds of your imagination. Who wouldn’t want to swim around in that kind of potential?

The problem comes when this place of dreaming becomes your comfort zone… Circling in the holding pattern between the conception of an idea and the physical action of starting the process is a space that doesn’t really have a lot of gumption or enterprise. It is a calm place, a hiding place. No one is going to drag you out of this lingering, meandering circle… you have to request your own clearance and move towards a decision, an action, a plan.

You have to decide if you are going to be the dreamer who stays asleep or the dreamer who wakes up and carpes the hell of the diem.

When you hang in the “what if” limbo, you are pressing pause on anything and everything that moves, grows, feels, and counts. Of course, that “what if” time is totally necessary for planning and preparing for the experiences we want to have, but let’s face it… we all spend a lot more time imagining the consequences of the “what ifs” than we do acting on them.

How long do we wait before engaging, trying and saying hello to all the deliciously interesting parts of life? What if we just did a fraction of the things we are imagining. That would be a biography of a life that I would want to read. Sometimes I ask the question, “if my life were a movie, would I keep watching?” or would I be bored out of my mind, screaming at the screen, telling myself to stop worrying so much about what might happen if I just got out of my head and started getting things done.

Here’s my challenge to you… In the next 24 hours, allow 3 of your big “what ifs” to be answered.

It will be a little scary, it will be a little uncomfortable. So what.

Act on your “what ifs”. Be the bold one who at the end of the day surprises him/herself a little bit. It could be really fun….

Maybe you have been thinking about learning something new, going back to school, getting involved with a charity, taking your career to a new level, branding yourself differently, making a new fitness commitment, whatever it is, you can spend a lot of time considering the idea or you can start answering your “what ifs” to get some answers.

“What if” you actually answered 3 of your “what ifs”…


5 thoughts on “The 24 hour “what if” challenge

  1. Thanks you that was perfect timing I hope my wife dose not go off the hook when I get home and tell her that I am going to make some huge changes. This is something that I have been trying to talk with her about for a week now. I guess that there is no time like the this to get it done!

  2. Love this……nothing wrong with thinking “what if”, in fact if often helps us see options and potential pitfalls. Simply having the courage to contemplate “what if” is often more important than the actual answer. Keep asking sweet girl!

  3. Very useful words of wisdom. It all hits home with me. It is, and has been a tough journey to accept the risks that come along with making choices to pursue those “What ifs”. But what can we get from only wondering what may come?

  4. Thanks Amelia. I know for a fact I spend far, far too much time wallowing around in the “what if” state of mind. It’s something I need to address about myself, and your 24 hour challenge is an ideal place to start.

  5. THAT is perfect! Don’t be a dreamer… be a VISIONARY! Make a dent in the Universe, as Mr. Jobs would tell you! Nothing teaches like failure, so what are you scared of? Success?

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