About Amelia

I crave being in the sky.

Thanks for checking out the blog! I’m a private pilot in Denver, CO, and I’m just about to complete my instrument rating in the Cirrus SR-22. By day, I work as an anchor, traffic reporter, weather forecaster and multi media journalist on Denver’s #1 television news station, KUSA (9News). I got my start reporting and operating the Cineflex High Definition camera in Sky9, the nation’s first high def aerial platform.

In December of 2011, I retraced her namesake’s transcontinental flight across the US in the Cirrus. It was a life changing event that inspired me to continue to retrace the flights of Amelia Earhart. Up next, a Trans-Atlantic flight to Paris, then a circumnavigation around the globe to recreate and complete the flight that Amelia herself never got to finish.

You can reach me at ameliaroseearhart@gmail.com

I’d love to hear about your goals, ideas and thoughts.

41 thoughts on “About Amelia

  1. Very interested and excited to follow this (my first) blog. My dad was a pilot while I was growing up. One of my fondest childhood memories is a flight my dad took me on, in a Cessna 172, to a remote restaurant in Flordia accessible “mostly” by aircraft. Seeing a parking lot full of aircraft was amazing to me. To this day, the 10 year old in me comes out every time I’m near a plane.
    You being a descendant of an aviation pioneer, makes this that much more interesting to follow. Looking forward to witnessing you reaching your goal. Best of luck.

    • Thank you Travis! I am the same way… when there is a plane in the sky, I am always head back, looking up to try and see what it is! 😉 Thank you for following me on this journey… I am excited, nervous, ready and most of all… happy! It feels like I am starting a huge mission that will change the course of my life. Good stuff! Thank you for reading!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog, all I can say is WOW. I’ve been fortunate to be flying since I was 15, actually soloing before I drove a car and have been flying ever since and now do it for a living. I’ve attempted to motivate my kids into flying, but neither of them seem to have the burning desire, but all of them really enjoyed going camping and traveling with the plane. It’s great to see how you are driven and have made progress as you reach for your dream. Good luck to you on your journey, and I hope to follow along. Smooth Skies,


  3. Amelia! Wow!!!!! I grew up in Greece, a place where general aviation was, and still is, virtually non-existant! When 5 years old my grandparents gave me a book about flying and your relative’s journey was one of my favorite chapters in this book! I was so inspired by her story that when I eventually moved to the US to go to college, I pursued flying immediately. Today I own an SR22 Turbo, I fly a lot ( as a hobby not professionally) and still harbor the ambitious dream of finishing your relative’s journey in an Electra if possible!! Not for the record….only for the chance to come even a little close to her greatness!!!! Cheers and keep blogging!!!!

  4. Ameliae,

    I will you all the best in your quest to not only obtain your PPL, but also complete the historic flight of Mrs. Earhart. I have been in the USAF for 23 years now involved in flight at all levels and across the globe, but I have never taken the time to learn to fly myself. Well, I finally took the plunge and it looks like you and I are obtaining our PPL’s at the same time.

    Best wishes and much success in the coming years!
    Keep looking up,


  5. Best of luck Amelia, the flying bug is hard to shake.
    It has had me since a very young age, starting in gliders, and now as a CFI.

  6. let me know about any assistance for your trip. retired air force disabled vet, writer, photog, warbirds, etc. 8506249662

  7. Hi there! Visitor from Belgium coming in ;-). I’m amazed. I really am. I’m a 22 year old student aeronautical engineering who is continiously looking on ways to fly as much as possible. From time to time I tell myself it just isn’t worth it. This is one of those times, until I found this blog and read about your adventure. Never give up on a dream, no matter how high the cost to get those licences and no matter how hard I have to work. I will follow your trip on every single leg of it. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope by the time you will begin this journey, I’ll begin my journey of getting my PPL licence (got some glider expierence already)
    You can do it. People from all around the world will be following you and will be cheering for you. I’ll be one of them! And who knows, maybe we’ll meet in the sky one time!
    Greetings from Belgium!

    Ready to fly with you arround the globe ,
    I’ve been flying to a mexican airline for 28 years .
    My flying school ….. American Flyers in Ardmore , Ok.
    That would be the ultimate flying challenge !!
    take care …

  9. Interesting Story! (I will definitely be following along…) BTW, I am Cirrus Veteran, avid blogger and very active in COPA. If I can help or participate in any way, let me know…

  10. Dear Amelia
    You inspire me. I think that you are an amazing news castor ( i watch every morning with my mom) but most of all your my role model. From this trip you have taught me to not give up on my dreams and that they are possible to achieve! I hope you had an amazing first day and ill check in for the rest of you journey everyday! Your amazing! ❤
    Ashley Franco
    Littleton Colorado

  11. Hi Amelia- I must say I admire you for your courage and strength on an undertaking of such magnitude! WOW! I am impressed! And it takes a lot to impress me after all I’ve seen and heard in the past 54 years of my life. I am praying for your safety while you are up there so high in the sky and most of all for your safe return. I watch 9news on a daily basis, so I have grown accustomed to seeing you on there reporting the traffic. That’s why I was surprised to learn that you were also a pilot! And that you are going to replicate the original Amelia Earhart’s flight around the world! Best wishes to you and God speed! You go girl! Kent Wiens (Grassmaster1)

  12. Amelia:

    What an amazing thing you have done. You are rekindling the love of general aviation in the hearts if Americans and indeed everyone in the world. I have been a pilot for more than 30 years and my son recently got his Canadian PPL at 16, becoming a 3rd generation pilot in our family. We live in China where GA is nearly non-existent and we are trying to start it off. I will soon be the first foreigner to obtain a Chinese PPL and we want to create a GA culture here. Perhaps one day we can have you here to inspire the Chinese public.

    Best of luck and fly safe. checkout out website when you have time: http://flying adventures.weekly.com


    • Hi Shane,

      I am trying to find a way to contact you. I have a flight training school in Charleston SC and am really impressed with your IFR guide- short and to the point. If you read this, can you please contact me at craftchs.com? I would like to use your doc in my training but want to get your permission first.

      Mike McCurdy

  13. Hi Amelia, you are an inspiration to us all. What a great idea for instrument training, and behind every great idea there is a lot of very hard work, getting the team on board to make it happen. Your distant relative Amelia would really be proud of you. Did you ever hear the song by Heather Nova about Amelia who may have landed on an atol with Fren Noonan when they were low on fuel. The song is ” I miss my sky” and there is a line at the end…and my hope lives on and my hope lives on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE34Ky8Xwc4
    I think that hope is living on in your great flight and ones to come!
    Keep reaching for the sky!

  14. Amelia,

    A plane like the Cirrus with glass panel is a sweet traveling machine, but for real fun flying get checked out in an old taildragger like the J3 Cub or similar. You’ll develop better pilot skills by getting comfortable with a “seat of the pant” flying machine like that.

    I’ve been flying for 46 years and still get a thrill at every takeoff. May that be true for you also!

  15. Hi, Amelia! Just saw your arrival at Austin. I too, have flown into Signature FBO over the past few years in my air Force issued Pavehawk helicopter. I must say, Signature is probably the friendliest of the bunch I’ve pulled into. That big coffee maker off to the side is so cool! Just like a Keurig. Congrats on completing y our first x-country.

  16. My daughter (almost 3) is named Amelia Rose… we picked her name while standing in front of the ARE display in Washington DC at the Air and Space Museum. Wishing you all the best!!!

  17. Hi I am also a pilot in training in about the same spot you are (should finish my instrument rating by next week). Just wanted to say good luck on your training. It looks like you have a bright future ahead of you.

  18. Hey Amelia, congrats on all that you are doin for GA. I am a 52 yr old pilot who finished building an RV-7 back in 2008. The way you describe flying is also how so many of who are pilots feel..if you are ever in CT and want to try your hand at flying an RV just give a hollar..

  19. WOW….is all I can say! You go girl!!! I am so proud of your courage and desire to achieve this around the world trip! My aunt was killed in a plane crash take off out of Jamaica in the 1940’s, but she LOVED to travel and someday I would like to takeoff where she left off and your trip is helping me plan for international travel and learning to fly!!! Safe Travels!!

  20. Amelia (my first daughter’s middle name btw), here’s to clear skies and smooth waters not only on your dream journey but throughout life. As someone who flew a J-3 under a bridge when I was a teenager (didn’t tell my Mom for 10 years or so), I think I appreciate your search for adventure. Continue to make your family proud and you will have accomplished what’s most important.

  21. Hi,

    Wow. As a future pilot and current college student, your blog is exactly what I need right now. I cannot thank you enough for helping me keep my dreams alive.



  22. Thank you for a inspiring blog, and congratulation on your first long cross county flight through the USA. I am sure your next flight to Paris and back will be an amazing flight.
    I am a FAA CPL pilot to, and are also planning to do a flight around the world.
    Kind regards Andreas

  23. Hail to another private pilot with a great dream!!!! I myself am a private pilot working on instrument rating and commercial license at the same time, in DC. Keep up good work! I look forward to seeing you in the air in the nearest future!

  24. Hi, saw your flight plan, you can do it with 300h total time so no need to wait until 2016 :). Couple of things:
    1. Learn Jeppesen, they will give you a free trial. You need those approach plates.
    2. Fuel is cheaper in Iqualit compared to Narsarsuaq. You also won’t get charged $600 by navcanada in you go cyyr-nuuk. You can also go at 11k as opposed to 5k which is the max from Goose to Nars.
    3. Make sure you have seen icing before on the wing so you don’t freak out. E.g. climb though an airmet Sierra once in Colorado.
    4. Have a stormscope, there is no NEXRAD up in Greenland and satellite only passes every 6h. 5. Learn infrared satellite

    Crossing atlantic becomes addictive quickly, so good luck 🙂

  25. Hello Amelia,
    I have loved reading about you, your vision and your dreams for the world. You are a wise and courageous soul. I was wondering if you could provide some thoughts and inspiration to a very special woman from Cameroon named Leila. Leila is one of the 2012 recipients of the Women Have Wings Courage Award; an award for women who live in the courageous spirit of Amelia Earhart. The award is made possible from the selling of the sister-ship of Amelia Earhart’s notorious Lockheed Electra 10-E. 2012, the 75th anniversary of Amelia’s flight, is the first year of the awards. Ironically, when Leina (and the other two award recipients from Fiji and Rwanda) won the award, they had never heard of Amelia Earhart! Leina will be visiting Denver at the beginning of October. I would love to introduce you two. My email is eliza@womenhavewings.org. In spirited appreciation of Amelia Earhart, Eliza

  26. Nikamaroro to Saipan A missing LINK
    3:45 AM EDT
    Oct 02, 2012
    In the Amelia Earhart disappearance, there is a divide between those who think she landed on Nikumaroro Island and those who believe she ended up in Saipan. Not considering of course the long held view that she crashed into the ocean. Both seemed to have credibility.
    As I contemplated these choices, I surmised that maybe both are true. The book “East to the Dawn” Has some excerps from the log of the ship Koshu. It says they were asked to help search for the missing plane.
    They were near the Equator which is the divide betweem Japanese held Islands and several other countries’ territories. They turned south into waters under the control of U.S. The Phoenix Island area, enven though they were traspassing. I believe they had heard Amelia transmissions and got a fix on the location.
    About 400 + miles southeast you come to Nikumaroro Island! They were told to go north again and they traveled to Jaluit Island. They stayed several days. (They never mentioned where they had been.)
    A medical corpsman named Billimon, Amoron acording to other sources was taken aboard the Koshu to treat an American man and woman. He bandaged the mans head and a day or so later the ship traveled to Saipan. ( I believe they also had her plane on board.) There are many accounts of what happened there. Duane Roy, Utah

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